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(*)Dialog+ provides lessons to over 100 corporate businesses in Japan.
You have many opportunities and the possibility of a bright future.

Dialog+ Philippines Corporation is a growing marketing company in the Philippines dedicated to providing solutions to societal issues by developing new services through ways only we could deliver. Our mission is to give people opportunities to improve their lives through communication; creating the future with the power of dialog.

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  • Enriched business support system for self-employed freelancers Support system: Reference <webinar(coming soon)>

  • Many platforms to suit you/School placement optimized to your characteristics

  • Japanese language proficiency test enrollment support

Advantages of joining the Dialog+ team
As an employee/office-based teacher

Free accommodation

Paid vacations (granted to full-time employees after 7 months)

Free swimming

Support for acquiring JLPT level 5 within one year

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Many platforms where you can utilize your talents: As the No. 1 BPO/OEM company

We undertake English sentence correction and English audio correction for individual students, cram schools, and English conversation schools. We can introduce English correction into your school's curriculum. Read more

BPO, or Business Process Outsourcing, is a service offered by our company that aims to streamline and optimize various business functions. With BPO, companies can delegate specific tasks or processes to specialized external service providers, allowing them to focus on their core competencies. Read more

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