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12/1/20232 min read

A contract service for English sentence correction and English audio correction for all students and cram schools

We undertake English sentence correction and English audio correction for individual students, cram schools, and English conversation schools. We can introduce English correction into your school's curriculum.

In order to help you or your students prepare for writing exams and improve their daily English conversation, we will provide English composition correction services at a low cost. We will be successful in improving the English proficiency of your students, increasing your competitiveness, and increasing your profits.

Contract service for English sentence correction and English audio correction for cram schools and English conversation schools

Our overseas English teachers will correct the English sentences written by students, provide detailed explanations, and send them back to you.

At a low price that is easy for schools to implement, this is a proposal that will improve your English skills efficiently. This course is recommended for beginners of English conversation.

In this trial course, you can try the [5 questions (5 days) trial version] correction questions and correction guidance picked up from this course.

■ How to participate in the trial course

Select one session from the schedule below and reserve (purchase) it. One purchase (700 points) will give you 5 questions for the trial course.

There will be no online connection at the reservation date and time, so there is no need to wait on Skype at that time. Instructions and questions (5 questions) will be sent to your Skype ID in a PDF file at the scheduled date and time.

After your reservation date and time, please check your Skype message and we will begin your writing trial course. It is recommended to ask one question every day (for 5 days), but there is no deadline for submitting answers.

Answer each question in short English sentences of 25 to 45 words. The instructor will carefully correct your answers and give you advice (comprehensive evaluation will be given after completion).

■ For details on the "Writing (English composition correction) course" and "Speaking & 'Writing course," please click on the URL below.

This course has four categories:

  • Self-Expression

  • EIKEN Grade 3

  • Active Writing (Practical writing improvement program)

  • EIKEN Pre 2

10 questions per course. This is an intensive improvement program with one question a day.

For the "Speaking & Writing Course", you will be asked to submit audio files for the same questions. We also provide audio samples of the corrected sentences.

In addition to writing, you can also listen to correct audio and use overlapping and shadowing to improve your listening and speaking skills such as English pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm.