Episode 9: Only 1 Focus



1/19/20241 min read

In the ever-evolving landscape of the ESL industry, DialogPlus stood as a beacon of innovation and chose to focus on the new seeds of possibilities with its unwavering commitment to contribute meaningfully to society rather than pursuing corporate scale-up. The company has found itself navigating the currents of change sound 2018.

The industry has become a battleground for giant companies that lead to monopolization, and most small schools have struggled to maintain and begun to withdraw. It’s natural that common services are eliminated in a competitive business.

As the market oligopoly tightened its grip, DialogPlus stayed true to its promise of helping seniors and additionally, to educational institutions. Simultaneously, the company supported the idea of specialty stores, creating a safe space for people with hidden talents.

DialogPlus recognized the shifting tides in the industry and embraced that the era of specialty stores had arrived, and the company was at the front, supporting the realization of great ideas and dreams.

Having observed the trials and troubles of fellow entrepreneurs, he had wisdom from the same experience they faced.

“Despite having fantastic ideas and ambition, many lack sufficient experience and knowledge in marketing and operations, making it challenging to effectively appeal to society. It’s time to step in and make a difference.”

He cannot ignore the ideas and aspirations that are needed in society and realized that it is time to create businesses and collaborate with many people. Making it the start of a new chapter for DialogPlus. The vision was to create a stage where businesses could grow, collaborating with businesses who possess incredible ideas and aspirations but lacked the means to bring them to completion.


Only 1 focus in this context represents a strategic decision by Dialog Plus to prioritize societal impact, specialization, and collaborative growth rather than broadening corporate expansion.


This is a situation in the business world where a small number of companies dominate a particular industry or market. Instead of having many different companies competing with each other, you have just a handful that control most of the market.