Episode 7: Only1 for Seniors



1/19/20242 min read

The impact of his commitment to customer satisfaction and OMOTENASHI became increasingly evident, the impact of their unique approach to business continued to resonate with the customers. The blogs, carefully addressing the needs and experience of the customers, played a huge role in attracting them.

How did it happen? More and more consumers who seek language learning turned to Google for answers.

Surprisingly, Google recognized Otona’s uniqueness, although on a small scale. When seniors searched for English conversation services, Otona no Eikaiwa consistently appeared on the top page for most search terms. This move resulted in an impressive jump of over 5,000 monthly visitors through search engine queries.

Yet, achieving such prominence wasn’t a stroke of luck. Tanaka-san understood that writing a blog alone wouldn’t guarantee a top position. Technical expertise in creating SEO content that Google values is necessary. He acquired the know-how in verifying the evaluation of hundreds of articles and continuously refining and nurturing the content. These content SEO skills became a significant asset for DialogPlus’ envisioned “future business expansion.”

Can we surpass this critical point?

On the other hand, the story wasn’t without its challenges. Despite the success with content SEO, paid advertising struggled to give effective results. In the budget range of small businesses, obtaining enough samples to validate and maintain the effectiveness of paid advertising proved to be a significant hurdle by demanding a strategic and calculated approach.

“Success in business, much like in life, requires precision. Missing just 1 degree or 1% can be the difference between success and failure. Everyone is putting in effort, but the results differ.” Tanaka-san reflected.

The issue may lie in incorrect goal setting, choosing methods that don't produce results. The main reason is simple: you haven't gotten to the point where things really start happening.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the technique of creating online content that search engines like Google find valuable. It helps make your website content more relevant and attractive to search engines like Google, ultimately leading to higher rankings and increased organic (non-paid) traffic to a website, as part of the overall strategy to attract more visitors.