Episode 5: New Project


1/12/20242 min read

With a renewed sense of purpose, he was inspired to unfold another chapter, one filled with purpose and collaboration.

Tanaka-san expanded his vision beyond the borders of Japan. “I want to support the dreams of Filipino youth.”

Dialog Plus, Co., which creates a better world through dialogue, and the e-Education Project, which promotes an education revolution in developing countries through video lessons, joined hands to launch a new joint project to realize this vision.

In the Philippines, many children face challenges in accessing quality education and pursuing their dreams, the e-Education Project has already been making a difference. They had supported the studies of high school students, but recognizing the struggle faced by young Filipinos after university, a new approach was needed.

Recognizing the need for a “rewarding career” and improved “English proficiency,” the joint project aimed to empower young Filipinos with the skills necessary for employment and a brighter future. Otona no Eikaiwa which is operated by Dialog Plus Co., became the platform to make this vision a reality.

The collaboration aimed to not only provide high-quality English conversation lessons to Japanese learners but also to create opportunities and dreams for young Filipinos. The e-Education Project joined forces with Otona no Eikaiwa to take the initiative further.

Importantly, this collaborative project wasn't just about Tanaka-san’s company; it was a venture created collectively with everyone involved. To fund this project, they introduced the "Philippine Employment Support Course '' within Otona no Eikaiwa. Enrolling in this course meant contributing 1,000 yen per session, directly supporting the dreams of young people in the Philippines.

The project was not just about the company, but it was a project that provided an opportunity for individuals to enhance their English conversation skills while actively participating in supporting the potential and challenges of young minds.The project shows how education, working together, and everyone's effort can really make a positive difference in the lives of young people in the Philippines.

Note: Social business

Dialog+'s philosophy has not changed since its founding.

Future of Communication

Creating the future with the power of dialogue.

As a company, it is important to increase the number of customers, increase profits, and contribute to employees, teachers, and society.

However, at the same time, we have always believed that our company's mission is to contribute more directly to solving social problems.