Episode 14: Dialog+: Shaping Tomorrow Together




2/23/20244 min read

10 years ago, Tanaka-san decided to start his own business; a journey that would redefine his existence. Like many dreamers, he wanted to showcase his capabilities to the world. As he thought about it, he became aware of the challenges of society. For him, this realization fueled his desire to address social issues and establish a business that could serve a purpose. Thus, the idea for DialogPlus was born.

Financial success wasn’t his primary focus. Sure, making a difference and contributing positively to people's lives matters, and financial results can be one measure of this, but he also understood that real change doesn't come easy. He's more interested in figuring out how he can use his time to enhance his life satisfaction.

In the grand scheme of things, one person may feel like they can't change society or the future all by themselves. People often get stuck in their ways, fall into the majority, and accept things as they are without realizing they can make a difference. But here’s the thing: society isn’t set in stone. It’s always evolving dramatically.

Sometimes, even when you work hard, efforts are not always rewarded. But if you keep attempting to shape your own path, reflect in your life, and grow as a person, your efforts will surely pay off.

Tanaka-san likes to think, “You should question your own ‘normal’ a little.”

Many of the things we consider to be unchangeable may be convenient for someone else, but they might also be inconvenient or unfair to us.

So, sometimes, it’s important to question the status quo. Even if something seems a bit inconvenient, like DialogPlus, maybe there's a way to make it better. It's worth considering: "Maybe we can find a solution."

Tanaka-san believes a person holds a treasure of talents within them. Sadly, people go about their days without realizing the incredible gifts they possess. Sometimes, people tend to view being different as a flaw.

The kind of society he longs for is where everyone embraces each other’s unique qualities and harnesses each other’s strengths.

For tomorrow’s journey, He wants DialogPlus to become a diverse and inclusive team—where every voice matters, where everyone can shine bright.

In his view, “I believe that diversity communication, which is communication that allows each person to make the most of their abilities and enable everyone to play an active role and grow the organization, proceeds through ‘dialogue’.” It is important to have dialogue while recognizing diversity.

As a company, DialogPlus understands the importance of selective collaboration. We value the human element in our team dynamics at any given time. Whether they're business partners, freelancers, teachers, or employees, each member contributes uniquely to our collective vision. We aim to be an organization that recognizes and harnesses the full potential of each member who creates a vibrant set of skills and experiences that define who we are as a company.

In terms of Philippine labor regulations and the company’s growth process, we'll follow the rules and grow step by step as per Philippine laws and our company's plan.

In the future, we aim to break free from pay to hours worked or educational credentials. While past efforts paved the way for future results, they don’t automatically ensure progress, even those with rich knowledge and experience.

The driving force behind future growth lies in the human resources capable of creating ideas, bringing them to life, and obtaining results, even if it's just a peso.

The time and process for achieving results varies from person to person, and not everyone has the same opportunities. However, we will continue to change the system to fairly evaluate and reward results. Instead of evaluating specific individuals, it would be better if everyone evaluated each other from all angles.

Having general managers and department heads acting as middle managers in a hierarchical structure is unnecessary. Moreover, the company's identity as a meaningful space will decrease. Our ideal company is a spontaneous and evolving organization that more flexibly connects the hopes and talents of each individual.

10 years as DialogPlus

How will DialogPlus evolve over the next 10 years?

In the era of AI, society will change dramatically. The impact it's likely to have could have hundreds of times greater than what people are currently producing. AI's flipping everything in a short period of time—it's a total game-changer. A lot of people believe AI will replace humans out of their jobs. ESL (English as a Second Language/conversation) teachers are among the top jobs to be lost due to AI.

But Tanaka-san thinks otherwise. That's not how it's gonna roll, not at all. Teachers are gonna stay front and center in the future. He sees a future where teachers are teaming up with AI to achieve a higher level of education. He would like to think about IT that is easy for teachers to use.

Here's the scoop: Dialog+ isn't just sticking to Japan; it's going to spread across Asian countries. As Asia grows, there will be minor difficulties, but DialogPlus' know-how and philosophy will come in handy. Places like the Philippines need a better deal for learning Japanese. DialogPlus can step up and may be able to provide a wonderful educational system.

We're crossing our fingers that the DialogPlus members will resonate with the company's principles and goals, driving the evolution of DialogPlus to its next stage.