Episode 13: The Future of DialogPlus




2/23/20241 min read

In the exciting world of DialogPlus, the future was like a treasure chest filled with dreams and adventures, waiting to be opened. As the pages of DialogPlus’ story continue to turn, the company has transformed in many incredible ways and their next step is surely full of hope.

Going back to the year in 2014, the transformation of the company has been remarkable. The once-Japanese-centered company evolved with an additional 10-member Filipino youth steering the ship towards the future. Now, 10 fantastic people are in charge.

Excited to make a difference, the company sets its sights across Asia, with plans for expansion into Taiwan and Korea. The dream of creating a global community for English online schools and spreading the joy of learning English has fueled the company’s ambition.

The concept of DialogPlus evolved into more than a service provider; it became an incubator where ideas could grow and become real. The R&D (Research and Development) part of the company was like a magical garden where creativity blossomed. Here, everyone in DialogPlus put their heads together to come up with new and awesome things.

DialogPlus also thinks about making a difference in the world, especially for Japanese kids in different parts of the globe. Educational projects are being crafted to make learning fun and help kids explore the exciting world around them.

What makes it special is that these plans and goals are not just one person’s ideas; The whole team, with their diverse background, talent, and skills, added color to the company, each bringing their own thoughts and opinions to make things possible. Turning their place into a vibrant masterpiece.

So, as the story continues, DialogPlus becomes more than just a company. It turned into a place where people’s ideas are heard and improved. Every success is appreciated and celebrated.

The future they imagined was not just a faraway dream; it was an adventure. And the best part? The adventure was only just beginning.