Episode 12: Dialog+ PH Established




2/9/20242 min read

In the early days of 2022 in January, As Dialog+ Japan expanded its horizons and established a business development base (R&D Subic) in the Philippines. Tanaka-san also started a unique life base in the Philippines where he manages business operations in both countries simultaneously.

His English conversation skills were still at a pre-intermediate level at the time, but there were no problems in completing his routine tasks.

However, as the DialogPlus team navigated the differences in language, culture, and customs this led to occasional miscommunications and intolerance, making this situation a hindrance in developing the business.

Each other’s experiences and habits were one of the factors that act as barriers.

Despite these obstacles, his determination remained unwavering and thought of an approach to bridge the gaps.
“Let's do something we've never experienced before. Let's find ways to resonate with each other without relying too much on language!” is what Tanaka-san proposed.

The team tried a series of unconventional activities, ranging from Zumba club team, hair color changes, beach picnics, training camp, gardening, scuba diving, and study sessions in both Japanese and Tagalog.

Trying something new in the form of monthly company events has strengthened the team’s camaraderie, as members shared each other’s fears and excitement. Finding a sense of fulfillment after overcoming these experiences has led them to share a journey of exploration and understanding beyond language barriers.

As cultures were formed within the team, Tanaka-san’s vision for Dialog+ R&D grew more profound.

"I want to create a Filipino company for the Philippines, run by Filipino youth." He realized that this would be his goal for the next few years.

His aspiration extended further than just providing jobs; it is about making room with enough space where young Filipinos could build careers and explore opportunities that aligned with their dreams.

Regardless of the difficult situations, including securing SEC approval in just two months, Dialog+PH was officially established in the month of August, year 2022.

Independent from Dialog+ Japan in terms of capital, it aimed to carve its own path in developing their business, with Dialog+ Japan serving as one of its clients.

The management of Dialog+PH was entrusted to young Filipinos, with the COO and CFO both in their 20s and lacking prior experience. Based on Tanaka-san’s own experience, he knows that the most experience and ability improvement will occur if he were in the position. However, this wasn’t just an organizational decision. It was also a program for their development, a commitment to consistent learning and skill improvement.

The company has become a dream box and canvas for realizing their dreams. It symbolized a place where young Filipinos could envision a bright future for themselves and for their fellow young Filipinos. Dialog+ PH is set out to open opportunities for young people who want to make their dreams come true, come together, and work hard together.