Episode 11: BPO BUSINESS (Powered by Dialog Plus)




2/9/20242 min read

Thanks to the collaborative synergy between DialogPlus Japan and Dialog+R&D Subic, the accuracy of teacher recruitment, education, curriculum development, and operation has improved at an accelerated, seamless pace. This has provided more flexible and effective support for online English conversation services.

The OEM business for cram schools started to soar to new heights which reached over 100 cram schools and made connections with numerous business owners. DialogPlus has become a force of success, not just in providing services but in forming partnerships with those driven by passion and ideas but lacking resources.

In the fall of 2022, DialogPlus took another bold step and initiated a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Service that fully entrusted the operation of English conversation service providers in Japan. This attempt extended a helping hand to multiple entrepreneurs who started their own online schools.

Tanaka-san is one businessman who started an online school with a unique idea of tending to the senior society and has evolved into a company that could support multiple businesses in all aspects from business development, marketing, and lesson support.

Entrepreneurs of newly opened schools have a passion for business, great ideas, and know-how. But, similar to Tanaka-san’s experience back then, they lacked all the resources to run the business. The goal is to decrease the number of businesses that abandon their development due to missing resources. The plan is to also utilize the resources of DialogPlus with many businesses and be involved in realizing more attractive services.

Driven by the belief that the era of specialty stores would follow the oligopoly of major companies, DialogPlus has foreseen that there will be a major shift from standardized learning to individually optimized education due to the advances of AI and other technologies.

Schools that are in the same industry as OTONA are not seen as competitors at all. The content of English lessons still vary greatly depending on the school and instructor. We will enter an era where thousands of specialty store schools would emerge, each unique and in demand.

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BPO companies are generally in the business of contracting out some of the work of client companies.

However, the philosophy remained unwavering — "Your success is our business." DialogPlus’ BPO went beyond the typical outsourcing model. They undertook work related to online English lessons but also delved into broader aspects as a business partner. The goal was to realize the clients’ business objectives. These include being involved in everything related to the success of the client’s business, from business strategy to marketing.

DialogPlus also embraced the comprehensive support for marketing and business operations, ensuring the success of many specialty stores. The Affiliated teachers, guided by DialogPlus, began working at various online schools, expanding their influence across the education sector.

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The DialogPlus staff was not just confined to one service. By actively participating in the launch and growth of various services, each individual had the opportunity to learn extensively about business and, in turn, grow themselves.

DialogPlus directly manages a managed school which is Otona no Eikaiwa with over 10,000 registered members, provides online lessons–which is OEM– to over 100 cram schools, and operates multiple online English conversation service providers (BPO).

In a field where only DialogPlus could handle all these aspects, the company remained steadfast in its basic philosophy — the unwavering commitment to solving users' problems. The company could proudly declare itself as the number one English Conversation School BPO/OEM in Japan.