Episode 10: Dialog+R&D




2/9/20243 min read

In the scorching summer of 2021, DialogPlus has yet again decided to start a new chapter, still steering towards innovation and societal impact.

Through seven years of contemplation and observation, Tanaka-san recognized not just the challenges faced in Japan but also the pressing issues faced by the Philippines. Recognizing the stark contrast in demographics and economic outlook between the two nations, he witnessed the extraordinary capabilities of Filipino youth and envisioned a future where the youth played a central role in shaping the destiny of their country.

Each country had stories that extend back thousands of years. These stories shaped how they lived, their traditions, and the way they did things. These stories turned into the way things are today.

When Tanaka-san was a child, he grew up without things like fridges, color TVs, computers, or smartphones. Back then, life was simpler in Japan. When he got older, Japan went through a time of big economic growth. Families had more money, and he saw his own life getting better.

But as time passed, things changed. The coming decades have been foreseen as clear as day. For the last 30 years, the money people make in Japan hasn't gone up. Most people there are over 40 years old, the declining birthrate is unstoppable, and soon the population might shrink by more than 20%. Japan is now a super-aging society, and it's hard for them to keep things lively.

In contrast, the average age of the population of the Philippines, which is similar to Japan, stands out for its youthfulness, with an average age of 20. It's experiencing impressive economic growth and is on track for positioning itself to become a major global economic force in a few decades.

In the Philippines, many young individuals face lack of access to education and good job opportunities. Finding hands-on improvement of skills is almost a lost cause.

The key players shaping the future of the Philippines are its young people. This is not just for the Philippines or Asia but for the entire world's future. Improving skills requires the right education and practice at the right time and place. Job-hopping won't lead to real skill enhancement.

In this tale, the past and present show that every country has its own story, but figuring out which one is better isn't that simple. It is inevitable that life will change drastically.

Tanaka-san would like to advise the young generation.

“Only those who are prepared for the future can open up their doors for success.”

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DialogPlus is not a sales companywith a firm belief in focusing on societal issues and providing tangible solutionsthe company set its sights on the Philippines. The company decided to establish a business development department and envisioned a hub that not only addressed business needs but also became a haven for cultivating talented individuals, creating a team of dynamic Filipino youth to take the lead.

In January 2022, Dialog+ R&D Subic was born in the thriving economic zone of Subic, Philippines. Tanaka-san, with his years and wisdom, joined forces with three spirited and exceptionally skilled Filipinos in their early twenties—Shannon, Ireyn, and Xajia. This marked the beginning of another transformative chapter in the company’s story.

DialogPlus focuses on the future of young people not only in Japan but also in the Philippines and believes that it is important to create an innovative and ideal workplace.

Time management was entrusted to each individual, with the freedom of taking breaks during working hours, including the option to enjoy a paid swim. Learning Japanese and other activities for personal development were seamlessly incorporated during workdays. Dialog+ R&D Subic aimed to redefine the way time was managed, focusing on quality over quantity.

In the future, modifying the approach to time management is considered. The quality of work goes beyond time measurements. DialogPlus’ goals include a transformative shift in the organizational structure, personnel system, and creation of an empowering working environment. The company embraced concepts like activity based working, project-based organization, career adaptability, multitasking, empowerment and independence, diversity and inclusion.

Dialog+ R&D Subic became more than just an office space—it became a space where wings could soar and a base that generates creativity. Their declaration was clear from the start – to build a place where the abilities of Filipino youth could flourish, where dreams could take shape, and where services could foster.

Here, young Filipinos could hone their skills, knowledge sharing takes place, and self-realization is not just encouraged but actively pursued. It became a "box of dreams for the future."

R&D - [Research and Development]

This is a tool for improving and growing a business. It typically involves activities aimed at innovating, improving products or services, and exploring new technologies or methodologies.