Dialog+ Philippines Teacher Awards 2023: A celebration of excellence and dedication


12/10/20235 min read

It's that special time of the year! As we near the end of 2023, here at Dialog+ Philippines, we're gearing up to honor and celebrate our exceptional teachers. It's an opportunity to recognize their dedication and remarkable contributions to our organization.

Every year, the month of December becomes a reflection point for us, a time to review the incredible accomplishments of our teachers. It's a chance for us to celebrate their commitment and hard work. So, without further ado, let's shine a spotlight on the nominees who have truly gone above and beyond in shaping the minds and hearts of our students!

Brightest Newcomer

Let's start our celebration by recognizing the amazing new teachers at Dialog+ Philippines who've really made a difference in their first year. The 'Brightest Newcomer' award is given to a teacher with the highest number of lessons who started this year. From the nominees — Teacher Ciara, Teacher Nica, and Teacher Emina — our 2023 Brightest Newcomer award goes to Teacher Ciara! Although she has just started, she has been steadily building her name in our school. Seeing her do so well in her first year, we can't wait to see how she continues to grow and shine in the coming years with us.

As we expanded our services to two new BPO schools, we wanted to recognize all the efforts of those who embraced this expansion wholeheartedly. Hence, we've introduced an award specifically to honor…

SLEQR Awardee

The 'SLEQR Awardee' distinction celebrates the teacher who has delivered the highest number of lessons in SLEQR school, powered by Dialog Plus. Among the nominees — Teacher Thea, Teacher Brie, and Teacher Uday — the 2023 SLEQR Awardee goes to none other than Teacher Uday! This award shows how dedicated she is to helping students learn and grow, no matter what school or which students she is teaching.


The 'GYMLISH Awardee' award recognizes the efforts of teachers in GYMLISH school, powered by Dialog Plus. This award celebrates the teacher who has delivered the highest number of lessons and a remarkable commitment to their GYMLISH students. From our talented nominees — Teacher Ava, Teacher Lei, and Teacher Connie — the deserving winner of the 2023 GYMLISH Awardee is Teacher Lei! Although there were a lot of adjustments and changes in improving the system of GYMLISH, her grit and love for teaching helped us shine through.

Well, the celebration of excellence is just getting started! Being a teacher is an incredible journey filled with commitment, and we are honored to have this moment showcase our teachers. Let’s continue, shall we?

Ace of Initiative

Moving forward, the 2023 Ace of Initiative award goes to Teacher Raven for giving the best lesson feedback with creative ideas and helpful content. Teacher Raven stood out among the nominees—Teacher Dang and Teacher Uday—for bringing consistent original and supportive feedback to their lessons. Even after the online class ends, a teacher's job goes on, and Teacher Raven showed us just how important that is.

Outstanding Presence Award

Teacher Cora receives the 2023 Outstanding Presence award for having perfect attendance—no cancellations, absences, or lateness. Among the nominees—Teacher Shannon and Teacher Connie—Teacher Cora's consistent attendance stood out! Living in the Philippines, things can be tough that might prevent a teacher from showing up, but Teacher Cora showed up every time. Showing up matters, and we want to recognize her commitment and reliability.

We will now move on to our biggest awards of the year! Every teacher contributes to our school's value, but these teachers have set a remarkable standard, reflecting on the trust their students put in them. Are you ready?

Student’s Beloved Gem

The 'Student’s Beloved Gem' award celebrates teachers with the highest number of students a teacher met this year. This award focuses on the individual connections teachers make with each student, and among the nominees—Teacher Sydney and Teacher White—these educators have gained tremendous trust and affection from their students. With this, Teacher Mags is crowned the 2023 Student’s Beloved Gem award! The comfortable environment she provides in her lessons makes her old and new students feel welcomed and valued.

Cram School’s Powerhouse

Now, Dialog Plus has been steadily increasing its number of cram school clients. Catering to these schools can be an adjustment, but that didn't stop our teachers from embracing the challenge with enthusiasm and dedication. Among the rest, Teacher Misha shines brightly as the recipient of the 2023 Cram School’s Powerhouse award! She has the highest number of lessons for cram school clients among the nominees—Teacher White and Teacher Mocha. Her remarkable dedication and effort in delivering lessons specifically tailored for cram schools made her the powerhouse in this category.

Stellar Achiever

The 'Stellar Achiever' award recognizes the highest number of lessons taught by a non-Japanese speaking teacher. Among the nominees—Teacher Mocha, Teacher Sydney, and Teacher Mags—Teacher Sydney emerges as the remarkable winner of the 2023 Stellar Achiever award! Teacher Sydney consistently shows us that when you give your best, there are no language barriers that can hold you back. She's been a part of our journey for a long time, and her commitment continues to amaze us all.

Surpassing Mt. Fuji

Much like conquering the towering Mount Fuji, the 'Surpassing Mt. Fuji' award recognizes the Japanese-speaking teacher who taught the highest number of lessons this year. Among the nominees—Teacher Misha, Teacher Sky, and Teacher White—Teacher Sky stands tall as the 2023 Surpassing Mt. Fuji award winner! Her dedication and effort in teaching a remarkable number of lessons reflect her commitment to surpassing challenges akin to scaling the renowned Mount Fuji.

Now, it's time to unveil the most prestigious award of the evening:

Above and Beyond Teacher of the Year

The 2023 Above and Beyond Teacher of the Year award goes to Teacher White for teaching the most lessons, having the highest attendance, and meeting all requirements without any misses. Among the nominees—Teacher Sydney and Teacher Dang—Teacher White's exceptional dedication made her the standout winner. Her hard work, commitment, and consistent attendance set her apart, making her the teacher of the year.

Teacher White has truly gone the extra mile in her commitment to teaching. Her dedication is unmatched, and in every class, Teacher White brings her A-game, creating a positive and engaging learning environment. Her exceptional efforts and unwavering commitment have not only set a high standard for our teachers but have also left a permanent mark on our school. Congratulations, Teacher White, on being our 2023 Teacher of the Year – your hard work and passion are truly above and beyond!

Thank you to all our incredible teachers who've been a part of Dialog Plus Philippines this year. Your dedication, hard work, and passion have been the foundation of our success. We owe all of our achievements to you, our teachers, who went above and beyond in shaping the future through education. This awards celebrates just a handful of our outstanding teachers, representing the larger community of dedicated teachers who inspire and educate day in and day out. We are immensely proud of each one of you and deeply thankful for your invaluable contributions. Here's to another year of excellence and growth together!

Congratulations once again to all the remarkable winners and nominees. Thank you for your unwavering dedication and passion. Until we meet again next year for another inspiring celebration of excellence!